St. John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

He was an English theologian and poet who was first an Anglican priest and later converted to Roman Catholicism and served as a priest and cardinal. He was canonized as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church in 2019.

At the request of the Irish Catholic bishops, Newman went to Dublin and served as a rector at the newly-established Catholic University of Ireland (now University College, Dublin).

The Idea of the University was among his numerous publications, which explained his philosophy of education. His educational philosophy included a belief in a balance between free thinking and moral authority in which students would learn to respect the rights of knowledge and the rights of revelation.

He sought to promote a university that could claim legitimacy globally through the support of research and publication, which would be free of church censorship. Simultaneously, the institution would serve as a safe place for the education of Catholic youth, where the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church would be respected and advanced.’

Despite failing to establish a branch house of the Oratory at Oxford in 1858, a Catholic club was formed and later named the Oxford University Newman Society (est. in 1888) in recognition of Newman’s efforts on behalf of Catholicism in that university city, hence the Oxford Scholars Program.

Cardinal Newman High School, a central Catholic school, serving parishes in Palm Beach County, traces its roots to St. Ann’s Catholic School of St. Ann’s Parish. St. Ann’s School opened its doors in 1925 to serve parishes in central Palm Beach County. This school would serve the educational needs of Catholic high school students until the early 1960s. This changed when Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll announced the construction of a new high school in West Palm Beach.

In September 1961, a small number of Adrian Dominicans moved from St. Ann’s School to the new single building Cardinal Newman High School. Priests from the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate took up residence in what is now the south classroom building, and a second classroom building was added within five years. Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll dedicated a new cafeteria and gymnasium in 1973.

Later years saw a number of additions and modernization, including the John P. Raich Athletic Building, which was added in 1985, and the Crusaders Stadium was completed in 1993. In the fall of 1997, a new classroom wing opened in the former retreat center. Both the North and South buildings underwent extensive renovations during 1998 and 1999, and the school gymnasium was equipped with new bleachers and a new floor in 2000. In 2001, new science labs and a music program were introduced. During the 2002-2003 school year, security enhancements were added to the school, including fencing and security cameras. The athletic facility renovations, which began in 2003, included the addition of practice fields and a softball diamond. A track and field complex was completed in the summer of 2006. The school cafeteria was completely renovated in 2010, and a baseball press box was added in 2011. In 2012 a new Performing Arts Studio was completed in the North building.

In the spring of 2014, construction began on the Emily and Joseph Partyka Elevator and the Stockard Family Bridge, linking both floors of the north and south classroom buildings. The projects were completed and dedicated on November 1, 2014.

Over the past half-century, Cardinal Newman High School has grown from being a small co-educational institution to offering Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment, Honors, Regular, and varied other classes meeting the needs of a multitude of students. We continue to provide a college preparatory education, deeply rooted in the Catholic faith.

Presidents and Principals

The President is appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach. The President’s role is one of leadership, service, and commitment to the total Cardinal Newman High School community. The overall direction of the school’s policies and events insuring the mission, philosophy, and objectives of its educational endeavors as well as implementing the goals of the Diocese of Palm Beach are the responsibilities of the President. The President provides particular oversight to the Principal, Admissions, Athletics, Development, Finance and the Cardinal Newman Advisory Council.

The Principal is named by the President and, after appropriate consultation, is appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach. The Principal is primarily responsible for the internal administration and supervision of the academic personnel, programs, and procedures. It is the Principal’s responsibility to administer all school policies and to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of Cardinal Newman High School. Specific responsibilities include curriculum development, scheduling, faculty recruitment, student services, and the Home-School association.

Past Presidents

Past Principals