School & College Counseling

The School & College Counseling Department at Cardinal Newman High School is involved in a cooperative effort among students, staff members, parents, and the community. The purpose of the counseling department is to empower all learners to lead satisfying and productive lives by assisting them in identifying and achieving educational and career goals. The School & College Counseling Department is available to help educate the mind, body, and spirit by working with academic issues, educational and career planning, as well as personal concerns. All students meet several times each year with their counselor in class settings and individually.

The counselors work with each student to prepare for a successful and smooth transition to the college-level. Various computer software, written materials, and career testing are available to guide the student in decision making concerning future goals. The School and College Counseling Department host several evening sessions for parents on college admissions and financial aid. All parents are invited to attend these presentations.

Furthermore, the counselors work in conjunction with Campus Ministry to provide counseling in other areas, including but not limited to: bereavement, socialization, anti-bullying, alcohol and drug prevention, and much more. Campus Ministry and our counselors work to cultivate the social and emotional development of each student as well.

Study Skills

Helpful Study Tips
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In our Helpful Study Tips guide you can find information on the following:

  • Focusing
  • Environment
  • Procrastination
  • Planning
  • Observe Yourself
  • Budgeting Time
  • Deadtime
  • Downtime
  • Calendars
  • Using Your Schedules
  • Remembering Information
  • Taking Notes
  • Notes From Class
  • Make Friends
  • Lecture Courses
  • Discussion courses
  • Notes From Reading
  • Organizing Information
  • In Class Discussion
  • Discussion Etiquette
  • If You Didn’t Do The Reading
  • Reading In A Foreign Language
  • Things Not To Say In Class
  • References
  • Online Resources
  • Exam Preparation
  • Taking Tests

Department Members

Danielle Benvenuto, M.E.d.

Director of School Counseling, counselor for all students last names J-Z Email (561) 619-7276

Dawn Stricklin, M.S., CRC

Accommodations Specialist, works with all students Guidance Specialist, works with students with last names A-I Email (561) 683-6266 x1002

Candace Caterina, M.A.

Director of College and Career Counseling Email (561) 683-6266 x1024