M. Scott Powell

The M. Scott Powell Scholar Diploma program strives to nurture and challenge motivated students at Cardinal Newman High School. Mr. Scott Powell was a dedicated teacher, coach, and friend at Cardinal Newman High School for over twenty years. His unending pursuit of wisdom and knowledge was, and will continue to be, an example for all those who knew him, and all the students who help keep his memory alive. The program focuses on academic excellence, leadership, character development, and service to others. These hallmarks play a crucial role in preparing students for success in higher education and beyond.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications for Admission

  • Qualifications for Incoming Freshmen
    • Score at or above the 80th percentile on the High School Placement Exam.
    • Do not score below the 50th percentile on any section of the High School Placement Exam.
    • 80% or above in TerraNova (or another standardized test) in Reading, Math, and English if the HSPT score is unavailable.
    • Exceptional Middle School Grades.
    • All students must maintain exceptional attendance and conduct throughout middle school (applicant’s report card required).
  • Students who do not qualify as an incoming freshman can be invited and admitted at the end of their freshman or sophomore year.  To be invited, the student must:
    • Have a cumulative weighted GPA of 4.0.
    • Have at least 3 honors/AP classes during each prior academic year.
    • Have no grade lower than a B in any subject.
    • Maintain exceptional attendance and conduct records with no honor code violations.
    • Meet or exceed all service requirements and participate in at least 2 extra-curricular activities, including athletics and clubs.
  • Academic Requirements to Remain in the Program
    • Have a cumulative weighted GPA of 4.0 or above.
    • No honor code violations.
    • Maintain semester grades of no less than a B in any subject.
    • Take and complete a minimum of 4 AP, Dual Enrollment, or Honors courses per year.
    • Complete a minimum of 4 AP and/or Dual Enrollment courses by the end of senior year as applicable.
    • Meet or exceed all service requirements per grade level and earn a total of 125 volunteer service hours prior second semester of senior year.
    • Participate in at least 2 extra-curricular activities including athletics and clubs.
  • Probation Allotment: If a student falls below any of the required criteria an opportunity to correct the situation at the discretion of the Administration on a case-by-case basis will be provided.