Annual Crusader Fund

The 20-21 Annual Crusader Fund has begun!

How can you be part of the future? What does your donation do? Why is Newman worthy of your financial support?

Before the academic year began, a resident of the Noreen McKeen retirement facility in West Palm Beach called to wish us well. He is a graduate of a Christian Brothers high school in Michigan. “You have a great school,” he offered. “It transformed my son’s life. Without the education and formation he received, he would never be as successful as he is today,” he continued. “You really have a great school.”

The heartwarming exchange offered a particular insight into Newman’s wonderful, 60 year legacy. Newman has indeed transformed thousands of lives and we look forward to continuing this wonderful legacy. But we need your help.

Your support will enable Anthony and Marissa and others like them, who receive substantial financial aid, to attend the school of their dreams. Your support will provide supplies for our art students as they prepare their submissions for college. Your support allows us to equip our teachers with the technology required to maintain a robust curriculum, particularly during the pandemic. Your support enables our students to enjoy spiritual, service, co-curricular, and athletic opportunities that ensure a well-rounded scholastic experience. We are deeply fortunate that ongoing supporters have already made such a vivid commitment to our shared future.

Please join us with a gift to The Crusader Fund this year as part of our annual campaign, knowing that your donation will open doors and minds and hearts every day.

YOU can apply your gift to any of 4 areas: Academics, Athletics, Financial Aid/Scholarships and/or the General Fund this year!

Thank you for helping to continuing the legacy of Cardinal Newman. Thank you for your involvement and encouragement. Thank you for allowing us to “Build Life’s Champions.” As we manage our new realities know that your Newman family remains present in spirit and prayer.

Stay Safe Newman!