Upcoming Reunions

Save the Date!

Class of 1964 60 Year Reunion

June 21st – 23rd 2024 at Cardinal Newman High School

Contact Chris Bergeron at blondie121@gmail.com for more information.

Dear Reunion Members:

As part of our Alumni Relations, we are happy to offer the following resources to make your reunion event a success:

  • Give you our current database for your class
  • Promote the reunion details on our web and FB pages
  • Send out e-mail blasts to our entire e-mail list to alert alumni of your reunion plans
  • Include your reunion details in our quarterly newsletter, both pre and post event
  • Create a scholarship fund in honor of your class and help promote it to your members

Please remember to email mary.martens@cardinalnewman.com when you are planning your reunion so we can put your reunion date and info on our website! Classmates do contact us asking if a Reunion is in the works!

Our goal in providing these services is to enlist the support of our alumni to help offer students in need the same opportunity our alumni received: a quality, Catholic education that nurtures students in spirit, mind and body.

Today’s tuition is over $15,000 per year, making it a financial burden for many families. However, studies show that students nurtured in a faith-based education are most often those members in society who end up giving back to their communities. Therefore, by enabling need-based students to receive such an education, you are helping not only the students, but the communities in which they will eventually become members. You will provide an education that gives back in more ways than one.

Please help us by creating a Class scholarship fund and encouraging your members to donate on an annual basis. If just 50 people give $20 per month – the cost of a few Starbuck’s! – then your Class will be able to provide almost one full scholarship or several partial scholarships to someone in need each year.

For more information, please contact me at (561) 619-7280 at mary.martens@cardinalnewman.com.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you to make your reunion a success!


Mary C. Martens
Director of Development
(561) 619-7280