Honor the past, Celebrate the present and Secure the future

Our mission is to provide St. Ann’s High School and Cardinal Newman High School Associate members, with opportunities to remain involved with each other, with Crusader athletics and with Cardinal Newman High School, the direct successor to St. Ann’s High School; to encourage Associate members to attend and support CNHS athletic, academic and extra-curricular initiatives, endeavors and activities; to assist in ensuring an enjoyable, meaningful and productive experience for all Crusaders of today and those in the future.

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Cardinal Newman High School, the direct successor to St. Ann’s High School in 1961, is an essential reason for the existence of The Crusader Varsity Club. Its President is a permanent member of the Club’s Board and is the ultimate governor of the Club’s activities. The Crusader Varsity Club’s focus and activities, since St. Ann’s High School’s transition into CNHS, inextricably involve today’s remaining institution, CNHS, with its own missions and its own philosophy, as well as the alumni of each institution.

Crusader Varsity Club FAQs

What is the Crusader Varsity Club?

The Crusader Varsity Club is a CNHS support-oriented volunteer Committee of CNHS under the ultimate direction and control of the President of CNHS, with member governance and management pursuant to Club’s Charter.

What does the Crusader Varsity Club do?

The Crusader Varsity Club establishes operating policies and procedures for the organization and operation of this volunteer membership organization.

The Club establishes membership eligibility, levels, dues and benefits.

The Crusader Varsity Club administers the Crusader Sports Hall of Fame, including the selection of members and coordination of the annual Athletic Hall of Fame Induction events.

The Crusader Varsity Club may also host various functions throughout the year, such as barbecues or other special events.

The Crusader Varsity Club will deploy the least necessary amount of its collected dues for the administration of Club activities.

The Club will direct the vast majority of its dues to the CNHS athletic and/or academic initiatives, as specified by each member as dues are remitted.

The Club will dedicate its net revenue from Club activities and merchandise sales, as determined by its Executive Committee.

How do I become a member of the Crusader Varsity Club?

Immediately following graduation from CNHS, if you played a Newman sport, you may apply for membership in the Crusader Varsity Club. If you attended St. Ann’s HS and played a sport, you also are eligible for membership in the Crusader Varsity Club.

How much does it cost to become a member of the Crusader Varsity Club?

Dues structure (levels, amounts, benefits etc.) for the Club will be recommended by The Membership Committee and approved by The Club’s Executive Committee. Details on the current Membership Levels can be found under “MEMBERSHIP” at the top of this page.

What is a Crusader Varsity Club membership card and how do I get one?

Membership cards will be issued upon registration and dues payment, by mail or through the Club’s website: Cardinalnewman.com/crusader-varsity-club

Does the Crusader Varsity Club release contact information for members?

No. The Crusader Varsity Club has a strict policy of keeping private any information in our Associate members database. The Club will establish, as technology and cost dictate, within the Club’s website, a privacy-sensitive manner for members to indicate their receptivity for contact solely by other Crusader Varsity Club members.

How can I help support the Crusader Varsity Club?

You can support your Club by volunteering your time and expertise, or even just your ideas in areas of interest to you. The Club also welcomes your participation in activities hosted by CNHS or, in particular, by the Club. You can also encourage other Crusaders to enroll in the Club. You can encourage teammates, classmates, parents, friends and the general public to apply for Associate member status.

Crusader Varsity Club Membership Eligibility

If you played a sport at St. Ann’s or CNHS are eligible for membership, regardless of the high school from which they eventually graduated.

All Varsity Sport and Cheerleading Head Coaches are eligible for membership.

Eligibility and membership begin immediately following high school graduation.

Head Coaches may apply for Associate membership in The Crusader Varsity Club. Such membership application will be reviewed by Crusader Varsity Club Membership Committee and referred with its recommendation to the Executive Committee for final determination.

The Crusader Varsity Club shall establish membership levels, dues and benefits, from time to time, as determined by its Board of Directors Crusader Sports Hall of Fame Honorary inductees are automatically members of The Crusader Varsity Club.


Committee Charter