Sports Hall of Fame

The Crusader Varsity Club Sports Hall of Fame has been created and will be operated to honor the members, head coaches and cheerleaders of past Crusader athletic teams who have excelled in high school athletic endeavors or have earned admirable recognition beyond graduation. Our Hall of Fame program will also grant special recognition to non-Crusader athletes or cheerleaders who have contributed significantly to the development and success of Crusader athletic programs. Recognition will be afforded in a manner appropriate to the significant honor of election, usually a banquet.

The Crusader Varsity Club Sports Hall of Fame Committee will be composed of a Chair and Committee members as appointed each year by the Crusader Varsity Club Chair and its CEO. Each Committee member shall be a member in current good standing of the Crusader Varsity Club. The Crusader Varsity Club Chair, Executive Committee and CEO shall assure that the Committee is composed, in years following the inaugural year when election decisions are made, of Club members who are diverse in all respects. The Committee will report to the Club’s CEO and its Executive Committee.

In the inaugural year of the Sports Hall of Fame, the Crusader Varsity Club will induct all Crusader players, head coaches, cheerleaders and non-athlete contributors who have been elected to the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame so long each has earned the Crusader letter or coaches the Crusader team at least ten years before induction into the Crusader Varsity Club Sports Hall of Fame.

In years subsequent to the inaugural year, qualified potential inductees may be nominated by any Club member in a nominating process, including a Nomination Form, voting procedures, etc., that will be developed, publicized and conducted by the Hall of Fame Committee. The process shall remain as secret as reasonable. In each such subsequent year, ten (10) inductees will be chosen by vote of the Hall of Fame Committee and then-living Crusader Hall of Fame inductees.

Crusader Varsity Club Sports Hall of Fame Committee

Dave McIntosh, Chair
John Romano, Chair-elect
Eddie Shannon
Ramona Saridakis Bean
Jeff Atwater
Nancy Sanford

There is one category of inductees:

Crusader Greats

This category includes those athletes and cheerleaders who have brought positive recognition and prominence to St. Ann’s High School and/or Cardinal Newman High School while participating in Crusader athletic events. Eight (8) Crusader Greats will be inducted each year.

To qualify as a potential inductee, a person must have graduated from high school at least 10 years before the induction banquet for that year.

Posthumous induction is allowed.